YouTube Music and NIVA Partnering to Save Live Venues

The federal aid that the National Independent Venue Association has been seeking via has yet to come, but there might be some relief coming via YouTube Music. Announced yesterday, NIVA and YouTube Music will partner to facilitate live performances across the country as well as give a helping hand in raising funds directly for their Emergency Relief Fund.

Many of these music venues across the U.S. do have dedicated comedy nights like The Satellite LA, which had to close their doors to live performance only to reopen as a restaurant in the not so distant future due to the uncertainty of when they would be allowed to open for live shows again. The details of what this partnership between NIVA and YouTube Music have yet to be seen, but we imagine that it’ll involve some some virtual fundraising shows for NIVA and maybe some live-streaming support for what will have to be limited capacity shows in the not so distant future.

We’ll have to wait on what that will really look like, just like we have to see the rest of everything else in the world is going to be every single day.