Please Enjoy Yedoye Travis’ Debut Special “Bury Me Loose”

Often, when watching so many comedy specials and listening to hour after hour of comedy albums (not to mention countless number of live comedy shows with an even more innumerable amount of comedians on them) , it’s not uncommon to get a sense of whether comedians are present on stage versus them sounding so rehearsed. The chase for give that illusory feeling of spontaneity and the sharpness of a well crafted joke or bit is a major part of the enigma of why comedy is so persistently difficult and why there is a very small percentage of folks that draw you in with their comedic verve and expertise.

Yedoye Travis is one such refreshing jolt of energy and wit that has dazzled the NYC comedy scene for years now. Every time we see Yedoye, his performances are teeming with such urgency (further emphasized by his humorously sardonic requests to the audience shut up so he can get through jokes) that we stop thinking about the mechanics of any of his bits or how well thought out his point of view as well as the perspectives of others are considered and simply just have as much fun as he’s having on stage.

All of that jaunty lightning is captured in a bottle for his debut half-hour special from Comedy Central, Bury Me Loose. So far, it’s one of our favorite specials of this year and, lucky for you, it’s on YouTube for FREE to see for yourself. Get into Yedoye Travis: Bury Me Loose right here right now.