Pick of the Day: Wolves of Glendale (in NYC) 8/31

The abject absurdity of this world, sometimes, is best coped with by meeting it with some concentrated, even more obtuse absurdity. Melodies and harmonies with a catchy beat doesn’t hurt either.

That’s where you’ll want to tune into the Wolves of Glendale, a newly minted musical comedy trio of Ethan Edenburg, Eric Jackowitz, and Tom McGovern. Their songs are a hysterical reflection of a time so ridiculous that is virtually without precedent within our lifetimes. As perhaps alluded to above, they sure can get your toe tapping with whatever they’re playing.

Most recently, you’ve might have seen them on one of the literally big stages at Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which is saying something considering they were a band only formed earlier this year and, as such, you shouldn’t miss their exclusive night at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC at the end of the month.

Ethan, Eric, and Tom will take the stage as The Wolves of Glendale on Wed. Aug. 31st at 7PM ET, which will be quite the amazing setting to see them (you’ll probably never see live music as intimately as in a comedy club). Tickets are $20 (plus a 2 drink min.) and you really ought to get your tickets here now.

Photo by @mandeephoto