Please Enjoy This Death Metal-Love(?) Song, Witch Taint’s “Ready 4 Lvv”

If you need an oh so tiny break from the world, especially this election, COVID-19, climate change, the global reckoning with systemic oppression, might we suggest one of the wonderfully, ridiculously silly (and metal) things we’ve seen in awhile.

Half-death metal, half-tender love song, self-styled darkest lords of the darkest darkness that the darkness ever covered in darkness, Witch Taint (AKA “the most extremely extreme and Satanic Norwegian Black Metal band from Indiana”) have just released their latest single “Ready 4 Lvv” from their full length album Sons of Midwestern Darkness. It’s the perfect bleak interjection into a love song that only black metal masters like Witch Taint could dish out.

There is an accompanying music video for Ready 4 Lvv that further accentuates the romance/gloom here. We had a pretty big smile and laugh, the hardcore kind of course, while giving it a watch.

Oh, if you don’t know about Witch Taint, please familiarize yourself with the amazing and hilarious Black Metal Dialogues.