Pick of the Day: Return of Who Wants $2.69? with Martin Urbano 3/28

Martin Urbano has been at the helm of the best game show in the live-stream era of comedy, Who Wants $2.69. The very timely and sharply written trivia and the novel prize of $2.69 has been keeping us and plenty of other folks get through another hour of lockdown wherever we are.

Urbano took a hiatus over the last month, which, among so many other things, has made so much of March very, very hard to get through. Yet, fret not, as the second season of Who Wants $2.69 is on the horizon, specifically this coming Monday at 5PM PT/8PM ET at its home, Planet Scum.

Whether you’re a loyal follower of the best game show in virtual comedy or not, you should get ready for this Monday, which is set to be a “surprise bloodbath” edition of Who Wants $2.69.