Dwayne Kennedy’s “Who The Hell Is Dwayne Kennedy?” Makes Sure That Will Remember the Name Dwayne Kennedy

To say that Dwayne Kennedy has been around the block in comedy is a vast understatement. Kennedy has more than proven his comedic mettle, especially when it comes to touching upon politics or issues of race, for decades whether on stage or writing for a whole row of envelope-pushing socio-political comedy TV series.

Actually, Kennedy has quite the subtly upbeat, inviting persona that makes his takes on, well, everything so accessible no matter how pointed they get. This full length debut album Who The Hell Is Dwayne Kennedy? really shows how powerful Kennedy’s laid-back charm (he has even got a relaxed charm when he’s angry) is. Cruising through bits on black serial killers, Trump’s unreasonable life span, or the systemic machinations of the NFL, Dwayne cleverly weaves the right amount of silliness through the whole hour that one might forget how radical Dwayne is getting in his material. Hopefully, after listening to it, you’ll only ask the title’s question ironically.

Who The Hell Is Dwayne Kennedy? came out just a few days ago from Oakhead Records and you can (and very much should) get it here or wherever you listen to comedy albums.