Pick of the Day: The Hotsy Totsy Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic! (in NYC) 1/12

As Weird Al Yankovic made a legacy from parodying pop songs, it kind of stands to reason that a tribute to him might come in the form of a burlesque show. There are actually more and more burlesque and drag shows that intersect the world of comedy or pop culture (a Mel Brooks burlesque show and lots of the drag happening at Club Cumming come to mind) making for a more untraditional, but damn fun evening.

Hotsy Totsy in NYC specializes in this and are taking their night at The Slipper Room to do a burlesque tribute to the King of Parody, Weird Al. Venatrix, Perse Fanny, Rosie Tulips, Violet Luna, Bitsy Brulée, LeGrand Chaton, Miranda Raven, Handsome Brad, and Cherry Pitz are all set to do a night dedicated to Weird Al unlike you’ve ever seen before (especially if you’ve not seen seductive dancing with mustaches and wordplay)

With that in mind, you really ought to get tickets here for $25 a pop. Hotsy Totsy’s Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic is set for this Thurs. Jan. 12th w/doors at 7PM.