Pick of the Day: [Return of] Kevin & Kevin’s Wacky Shack (in NYC) Wednesdays Starting 6/14

Summer is just around the corner, which means the Summer Solstice is soon AND that one of NYC’s favorite outdoor comedy shows, Kevin & Kevin’s Wacky Shack, is coming back from its Winter/Spring break to bring week after week and jam packed line-ups of the very best of NYC’s best comedians, indie and club and otherwise.

Kevin Casey White and Kevin O’Brien will be return to their hosting duties over the Wacky Shack, though the “shack” itself will be moving four blocks (and one neighborhood) from its birthplace, Central Organic in Bushwick, to Harlequin Vintage in East Williamsburg. Also, the show is going to cost you 10 bucks, but it’s more than worth it.

Their very first 2023 show in Harlequin Vintage will be this Wed. 6/14 at 8PM, which means you have just around 48 hours to get your tickets right here.