Pick of the Day: Vidiots Comedy Show Benefit 6/26

It was so exciting to hear that there was not only going to be a revival of the video rental institution that was Vidiots in Santa Monica all the way on the other side of LA county, but they were also going to open up a live theater in conjunction with it.

The pandemic hitting, of course, made us wonder what exactly was going to happen and if this dream new venue, ostensibly a Cinefamily for Eastiders was going to still be a reality.

Well, luckily, it’s still going to happen (the plan aims for a 2022 opening) and you can help that reality coming to fruition by attending a grand comedy show benefit hosted by two wondrous parts of two different generations of comedy in Atsuko Okatsuka and Dana Gould. Also, on the bill will be the great comedy stylings of Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Georgia Hardstark, Ify Nwadiwe, and Niccole Thurman.

Tickets are only $10 for a live-stream for this Vidiots Comedy Show Benefit set to go live on Sat. Jun. 26th at 7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET. Go get your tickets here.