Vanessa Gonzalez’s My Birthday’s Tomorrow Is a Really Damn Good Debut Album

It has been a relatively short time since Vanessa Gonzalez touched down in LA from Austin and she has been nothing but a delightful and silly force to be reckoned with.

Gonzalez combines a measured amount of attitude and verve with an irresistible sense of play in her stand-up. She speaks from the heart, expressing herself emphatically through all of her deeply personal stories, but threads so much fun in every bit that she does that it doesn’t matter how dark or blue she gets. Vanessa is just undeniably a hoot to watch and listen to. Her style is shown off exquisitely on her debut album, My Birthday’s Tomorrow, which offers so much vulnerability (pretty much from the second she takes the stage), but still is full of Vanessa’s unique charm.

My Birthday’s Tomorrow is available today from AST Records at Apple Music, Amazon, or wherever you get/listen to comedy albums.