Please Enjoy Trailer for New Buddy Road Comedy at HBO Max “Unpregnant”

HBO Max seems to be coming with the goods to make up for the transition of HBO having a new arm and folding HBO GO and HBO Now into the exclusive streaming service. They’ve got Team Coco stand-up specials coming around the corner, a new season of Search Party on the horizon, and a new buddy road comedy, Unpregnant from director/co-writer Rachel Lee Goldenberg and writers Ted Caplan, Jenni Hendriks, William Parker, and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

Starring Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira, there seems to the same sort of promise of a fun loving coming-of-age journey as Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart offered last year, though with more focus on getting an abortion rather than having one last chance at partying properly.

See for yourself in the trailer for Unpregnant here, then, if you dig it, look for it on HBO Max on Thurs. Sept. 10th.