Pick of the Day: UnCabaret (on Zoom) 1/9

Welp, it’s another week (or few weeks more like it) of many live, in-person comedy shows going dark due to the current COVID-19 surge that will no doubt be bolstered by Christmas and NYE.

Thus, it’s a great time to remind you all that virtual comedy didn’t complete die out even though you very well might have checked out from it over a year ago. Also, there are a handful of folks that really figured out and managed to curate a great show on Zoom. One such show has been and still is legendary alt comedy show, UnCabaret. They’ve been doing a virtual edition of their show for a long stretch of the pandemic then opted to alternate between in-person and virtual when creator/host Beth Lapides took to the stage once more in 2021.

So, if you’re looking for some live comedy to look forward to that’s definitely happening and won’t risk your health with getting infecting with the Delta or Omicron variants of COVID-19, look no further than this Sun. Jan. 9th at 7:30PM PT for the latest virtual edition that will feature the likes of Julia Sweeney, Erin Foley, Jen Kirkman, Judy Gold, Justin Sayre and Jamie Bridgers as well as Beth and UnCabaret’s band leader, Mitch Kaplan, and their very tight house band.

RSVP for this Sunday here; admission is free, but they do take donations.