UK’s Cultural Recovery Fund Includes Support for Comedy Venues

(via Variety)

While the U.S. government is still trying to selfishly hash out a second stimulus package for Americans that have to remain in lockdown because of COVID-19, the UK government has already gotten on to dedicating funds to the performing arts, one of the hardest industries by the pandemic.

Overall, the UK’s Cultural Recovery Fund, which will initially oversee the distribution of over $640 million to live performance venues of all kinds, including ones dedicated to comedy. That’s one round of funding out of a total $1.14 billion that has been earmarked for the entire fund.

As it stands now, live comedy in UK has either gone virtual with the likes of Tiff Stevenson doing a version of her weekly stand-up show on IG Live or drive-in shows featuring such big UK acts as Daniel Sloss playing for a packed car park. This recovery package will hopefully float enough venues through lockdown so Stevenson, Sloss, and more can have those venues to play when venues can safely open and operate once again.

The future is still very uncertain with, well, everything, but especially when it comes to events that involve a large number of people gathering indoors (unless you live in Taiwan or New Zealand right now). It’s encouraging to see some sort of relief for the performing arts arrive somewhere.

If you’d like to see similar recovery support for venues Stateside, you can take action with the National Independent Venue Association at