Pick of the Day: (the in-person return of) Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch (in LA) [Saturdays Starting 10/30]

Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch is as venerable as a LA comedy variety institution can be. Beloved by night owls or folks who only stay out past midnight every once in a blue moon, Tomorrow! has been faithfully stewarded by Ron (the show co-founded by Brendon Small and Craig Anton, FYI) for several years to bring the best in the weird, wonderful, amazing, bizarre, and hilarious whether it be stand-up, characters, puppets, music, magic, juggling, sword swallowing, or straight up just interrupting the show.

Ron didn’t stop the show when lockdown due to COVID-19 happened, but, instead, took it to IG Live and kept it going every Saturday at 11PM for however long it has been since March 2020.

Now, some things are starting to get right with the world as Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch is returning to being an in-person weekly show and going back to STARTING AT MIDNIGHT (it was going at 11PM at Lyric Hyperion for awhile) and at the brand spankin’ new Elysian Theater. The very first round of beautiful, hysterical absurdity and chaos is set for this Sat. Oct. 30th at midnight and this first one is free to attend (so long as you RSVP and have proof of vaccination.

RSVP right now right here.