Pick of the Day: Titmouse 5 Second Animation Night (in NYC) 3/25

Titmouse Animation is responsible for many of the funniest, groundbreaking cartoons in recent memory including Big MouthThe Midnight Gospel, Black Dynamite, and so much more. Suffice it to say that you should check out whatever they’re doing. That includes their in-person evening where they present 5 second gems from their vast array of endlessly talented animators.

They’ve made a tradition of their 5 Second Animation Night in LA, usually at the Egyptian, but are taking it across the continent to NYC for a special evening of never before seen animation. Come this Fri. Mar. 25th at 8PM ET, a limited set of folks will get to join Titmouse and company at the SVA Theatre. You can (and should) go get tickets for $5 right now right here.