Tiny Toons To Be Revived as “Tiny Toons Looniversity” with Erin Gibson as Showrunner

(via THR)

While reviving animated IP is a very predictable trend (especially while live action series keep getting tripped by pauses due to COVID-19 outbreaks along with an increase in scheduling and budgetary issues), the prospect of the return of the Tiny Toons, a somewhat niche branch of the Looney Tunes animated universe, with someone like Erin Gibson at the helm is very surprising and enticing to us.

Gibson has not only been the co-host of one of the more beloved podcasts around, Throwing Shade, but has always been an incredibly clever, outspoken, subversive writer, comedian, and performer all the way back to when she used to play Michele Bachman in Funny or Die sketches.

Gibson has placed as showrunner and co-EP with Adventure Time’s Nate Cash for this new edition of Tiny Toons, Tiny Toons: Looniversity wherein the Tiny Toons gang will learn how to become “professional” toons. Both HBO Max and Cartoon Network ordered the series, but as to which will platform will get “dibs” or however it’ll work is TBD.

In any case, we have a feeling, because of who is in charge, that this might be another animated series that is initially geared towards children, but will have plenty to enjoy that’s just for the adults as well. That’ll be important since we are still stuck inside because of the pandemic and will still be for quite some time to come.