Pick of the Day: Tinder Live with Lane Moore on Valentine’s Day

For all the feels that Valentine’s Day brings up normally (that are especially amplified by the isolation), one of the perfect shows for this particular lockdown tinged edition of Valentine’s Day is Lane Moore‘s wildly fun Tinder Live!  

If you’re unfamiliar, Lane makes a show out of navigating through Tinder, matching and messaging folks of all kinds and following wherever those rabbit holes lead, narrating the whole way through. It was one of the most fun things to see before the pandemic and we think it’ll be one of the best livestreams to catch on Valentine’s no matter what you’re situation is (i.e. quarantining with or without someone).

This round of Tinder Live! is set for Sun. Feb. 14th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. Tickets/live-stream access are $20 and you very much should go snag them here.