Tim Robinson & Zach Kanin Might Have a New HBO Max Show with “Computer School”

(via Variety)

As far as we’re concerned, Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin set a new bar for sketch comedy with only two seasons of I Think You Should Leave proving that they should be further allowed to, perhaps, do as they please. We would sincerely hope that a third season of I Think You Should Leave would be part of that, but, for now, we’ll be ecstatic over the announcement that HBO Max has ordered a pilot from Robinson and Kanin called Computer School.

The premise is very simple, but leaves plenty of room to go the millions of absurd directions that I Think You Should Leave or Detroiters went to. Computer School will follow a newly minted high school graduate and his uncle ending up in the same computer class in the Michigan ‘burbs. That alone should get the wheels turning at all the joyously chaotic possibilities that could arise from that (and probably a lot of Tim Robinson yelling).

With all of that in mind, we hope that a series order gets announced ASAP (especially we don’t know if and when that next season of ITYSL is going to come out on Netflix).