Tim Dillon Shows That COVID-19 Is Feeling Lonely and Depressed Too

The global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought an unprecedented level of isolation and depression. The far reaching mental health effects from all of us being quarantined away from each other is more tangible than ever before.

In fact, even the COVID-19 virus itself is suffering from being cut off from any sort of life (outside of being a incredibly deadly virus).

Tim Dillon “shows” how the virus is living and how it’s feeling the loneliness like the rest of us (in addition of being a terrifying, destructive force that is unlike anything the majority of us has ever gone through). Also, Dillon shows how “man on the street” bits might go while socially distanced, especially if you have the guts to dress up as COVID-19 and walk around right now.

Enjoy Dillon’s sketch here.