This Teaser for Hulu’s The Great Seems Like Spiritual Sequel to The Favourite

There’s a certain mischievous panache to Hulu’s upcoming historical comedy that reimagines the rise of Catherine the Great aptly titled, The Great. If you watch this teaser and see said panache and are even somewhat reminded of the fantastic satirical historical comedy The Favourite, that might have something to do with The Favourite co-writer Tony McNamara being at the helm here.

Given that this is also following a struggle for power by a very clever woman at a time centuries ago when women were afforded much much less equality than now, this very easily could be considered as a sequel of sorts to The Favourite. Also, we could it seeing being a spiritual prequel to Death of Stalin with the bits of sharp dialogue we’ve gotten to see thus far.

In any case, we’ll be looking forward to seeing The Great drop on Hulu on Fri. May 15th.