The Comedy Bureau Field Report Ep. 202: Jimmy Jatho & The Importance of Hitting Cues

There are many folks that make the magic of comedy really snap and pop and one of those groups of people are the technical directors/operators/stage managers that take the logistics of comedy of all ilks and make it seamless. Jimmy Jatho has made himself one of the foremost names in that regard with his 40 plus years experience, tech’ing at least a guess-timated 30K shows all around the country in theaters big and small, Second City, UCB, Lyric Hyperion, and so much more.

Also, Jimmy has some of the best showbiz stories to boot. We talk to Jatho all about the world of tech in comedy and so much more on this week’s TCB Field Report.

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Produced by Jake Kroeger
Music by Brian Granillo
Artwork by Andrew Delman and Jake Kroeger