The Comedy Bureau’s Heading West (to Venice) For Its Latest Show on May 18th

Yes, we’re already based on the West Coast, but we happen to live pretty much in the geographic middle of LA and we can actually head a little further West. It’s actually been something that we’ve been meaning to do for awhile now as a way to bring some of the lovely comedy that’s a little closer to our doorstep out to the Westside since The Comedy & Magic Club is still closed and the Eastside is only growing bigger with the amount of comedy that they have (even from before lockdown).
So, we’re doing a very special evening at a beloved and very classy speakeasy, Townhouse Venice, right around the Venice Boardwalk, with an amazing stage and those ever coveted low ceilings that are perfect for live comedy.
Per usual, we’re gathering our favorite folks from every corner comedy for this special night including:
Brodie Reed
Sasha Merci
Andrés du Bouchet
and a few more splendid acts TBA!
Of course, TCB’s founder and director Jake Kroeger will be presiding over the evening to make sure things are up to TCB snuff.
Set the date for The Comedy Bureau Heads West @ Townhouse Venice on Wed. May 18th at 8PM PT. Tickets are $10 and proof of vaccination will be required. Go snag your tickets right now right here.