TCB Debriefing 9/15/23: Joe Pera Special, Derrick Brown Album, Spaghetti Fest, Thank You For Coming, Conan on Trump, Hasan Minhaj

1. The most gentle soul in comedy, Joe Pera, is releasing his very first special, self-produced and set to be released on YouTube on Fri Oct. 6th. True to his spirit, it’ll be called Slow & Steady and very likely be the sort of soothing and surprising glee with the way the world is these days. Please enjoy Joe’s announcement here.

2. The multi-talented, multi-faceted, very funny and very evocative Derrick Brown has just come out with his first album, A Close Shave with Heaven, fresh off the presses from Pretty Good Friends. We’ll fill you in on Brown’s synchronous blend of comedy & poetry soon, but enjoy the record (and amazing cover) as it has dropped today (wherever you get your comedy albums).

3. The Elysian‘s Spaghetti Festival (AKA Forget About Spaghetti Fest) is set to return with completely original new, never before seen comedy productions come Nov. 1st-11th. Tickets, details, and line-up to come soon!

4. One of the gala films at TIFF is a Bollywood sex comedy that takes aim at the patriarchy cheekily called Thank You For Coming (Variety). A female empowerment comedy hailing from Bollywood is a pretty big deal and we hope Thank You For Coming finds its way to American theaters soon.

5. Preach, Conan O’Brien, preach.

6. Hasan Minhaj admitting to embellishing his stories in service of comedy is actually very much at the heart of the art form of comedy itself; artistic expressions that are, above all, in service of the joke.