TCB Debriefing 9/12/23: Young Love, Ridiculousness Unionizes, Simpsons, CK Doc

1. Spun off from Matthew A. Cherry‘s Oscar winning short film, Hair LoveYoung Love follows the same family, but in full length animated series form, complete with Issa Rae and Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) as the lead voices. Issa has made her footprint in almost every space in entertainment and she has just added animated TV show to her the list. Take a gander at Young Love‘s first official trailer here, then look for it on Max on Thurs. Sept. 21st.

2. They took a vote and, surprise, surprise, Ridiculousness‘ staff have officially unionized (THR). Wouldn’t it be great if Dyrdek had to take time to acknowledge that, perhaps with some appropriate clips of the WGA strike.

3. With the unveiling of this trailer, The Simpsons is on the threshold of their 35th season, set to premiere on Sun. Oct. 1st. Apologies for elder millenials and Gen-Xers that felt a pang of their age just now.


4. Thanks to Greenwich Entertainment, a doc about Louis CK‘s sexcual misconduct appropriately called Sorry/Not Sorry is getting distribution in North America (Deadline). Hopefully, they release before CK has another hour special.

5. How many more years need to pass before all comedy is referred to by our collective parents and extended family as “skits”?