TCB Debriefing 9/1/23: Bottoms Goes Wide, How I Met Your Father, Titmouse/BWAS, Bridgett Everett, Poor Things

1. Let 2023 be the year of Barbenheimer and Bottoms. Emma Seligman, Rachel Sennott, and Ayo Edebiri made such an astounding comedy that, between Barbie and Bottoms, The Oscars should be flipping the script and giving more nods to comedy in 2024. Celebrate that by going to see Bottoms, now in expanded release so you don’t have to be a coastal elite to go see it in a movie theater.

2. So, it looks like, we won’t get to know exactly How I Met Your Father.

3. The Titmouse Foundation, the non-profit arm of Titmouse Anmation (the studio behind the likes of Big MouthDigman!, and The Midnight Gospel) are partnering with Black Women Animate Studios to bolster the goal of hiring “200 diverse animation professionals by the end of 2025” (Deadline). Glad to see more folks are ignoring the conservative activist SCOTUS.

4. While you’ve enjoyed multiple seasons of Somebody Somewhere, you have might been missing on some new tunes from comedy’s cabaret icon, Bridget Everett. Fret not, a new single is coming very soon.

5. Yorgos Lanthimos, the master behind The Lobster and The Favourite, has just scored a ten minute standing ovation following the premiere of his latest work, the bizarre sci-fi-period-piece-sex comedy, Poor Things. While festivals timing their standing ovations is an almost unfathomable display of privilege, we can’t lie that the anticipation for Poor Things is somehow even higher.

6. Might be controversial here, but, perhaps, there should be no 2 drink/item minimum on Labor Day Weekend?