TCB Debriefing 3/26-3/30/24: Tig Notaro, Kinds of Kindness, House of Laughs, Yannick, Leah Rudick, Beautiful Anonymous

1. Ever since we saw Tig Notaro share her famous Taylor Dayne story, it was evident to us that Tig has a preternatural ability to milk a moment/incident. What might be a passing occurrence to most, Tig’s unwavering commitment to the life of a bit have both served her hilariously when it’s happening and later on in a story on stage. Hello Again, Tig’s latest special, is a playful reminder that Tig’s bread and butter of drawing every last drop of humor from minutia in her life, with the added flavors of her being married and raising children, is still very tasty and satisfying. Even when Notaro completely reenacts her performance of Hello to Adele at a celebrity shindig, which is quite the set piece for this hour, it’s a great sign that there are many years of Tig’s wondrous mischief to come. Tig Notaro: Hello Again is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

2. Behold, just a taste of a taste of the latest work from the comedy auteur of our time, Yorgos Lanthimos (Poor Things, The Lobster, The Favourite) with Kinds of Kindness.


3. Drag Queens and brilliant queer comedians (including Abe Farrelly, Cameron Esposito, Danny Franzese, Darienne Lake, Jared Goldstein, Jaymes Mansfield, Jimbo, Joel Kim Booster , and host Lawrence Chaney) are coming together at the intersection of House of Laughs, an upcoming comedy showcase series on the streaming service WOW Presents Plus. It’s such a great line-up that maybe, just maybe you might consider signing up for another streaming service? Take a gander for yourself with the trailer here before House of Laughs premieres on Apr. 2nd.

4. When it comes to the completely absurd, few filmmakers are quite as adept and nuanced (and so damn hilarious) as Quentin Dupeiux (Wrong, Wrong Cops). Looks like he’s staying on that track with YANNICK. Take a look at the unhinged, hysterical chaos that’s in store with this trailer here.

5. Leah Rudick and every side/facet/voice/character of her are on a grand tour of North America. You better not miss out at any of the dates and cities below.

6. Chris Gethard and his all exquisite inclusive creation, the podcast Beautiful Anonymous, are expanding to now have a zine that, as you might have guessed, you could be a part of. It can be art, stories, photos, etc., but it has to be sent through the actual physical mail and, of course, be anonymous.

7. We’ll leave you with this: Indie cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse is up for sale, which should tell you a lot about the limits of taking something independent to the big leagues and trying to keep it sustainable.