TCB Debriefing 2/22-2/26/24: Rory Scovel, Spirit Awards, Free Time, Jon Benjamin, Free Bill Burr Tickets

1. If were keeping score (and rest assured, we are) Rory Scovel has the second great comedy special of 2024. The first one goes to Jacqueline Novak capping off her years-long run of the spectacular Get On Your Knees and Scovel delivers his most evolved meta, yet completely accessible hour of stand-up with Religion, Sex, and a Few Things in Between.

There isn’t a spare moment without an aside or an aside to an aside, but no matter where Rory goes, he has a knack for keeping the hour on the rails even if it appears his actively and repeatedly taking course off of them. That’s just one layer of Scovel flexing his comedic verve and masterful skill. The gleeful dissection of religion and sex is so joyous, one might easily need a second viewing to see just how damningly good Rory’s observations are and how painstakingly crafted they are to seem so effortless. Whether it’s creating comedy out of thin air or making pitch perfect jokes seem conversational, Scovel has got all of that (and a more than a few things in between) covered and then some.

Rory Scovel: Religion, Sex, and a Few Things in Between is now streaming on Max.

2. The Film Independent Spirit Awards, one of the major awards ceremonies where comedy actually stands a chance of winning, were just awarded this past weekend. Oddly, this year’s Oscars has the most comedies nominated, perhaps ever, making it more in line with its indie cousin, The Spirit Awards.

As far as comedy is concerned, American Fiction won for Best Lead (Jeffrey Wright) and Best Screenplay (Cord Jefferson). The Holdovers took home Best Cinematography (Eigil Bryld) and Best Supporting Performance (Da”Vine Joy Randolph), Jury Duty got it for Best Ensemble Cast, and Fremont won the very special John Cassavetes Award.

See the full list of winners here.

3. Rising NYC comedy star Colin Burgess leads off what could be one of the off-beat comedies of the year with Free Time, a tale about quitting (and nailing the timing for that). Take a gander at the first trailer here.

4. Jon Benjamin has reached a new height in his career by voicing a Bill Skarsgård character in an action movie. See for yourself herewith the Boy Kills World trailer.

5. We’ll leave you with this: Anyone want Bill Burr tickets for Wilshire Ebell show this Tues. Feb. 27th? Hit us up at