TCB Debriefing 2/16/24-2/21/24: High Plains Comedy Festival, Ferris Bueller, Taylor Ortega, Tig Notaro, Extraordinary, Kenny DeForest Fest, Brian Regan

1. Save the date (and get flight and hotel to Denver) for 2024 edition of the High Plains Comedy Festival.

2. There is a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off spin-off in the works following the two valets that joyride in Cam’s Dad’s Ferrari (THR). And so, the march of IP continues.

3. Please enjoy this hysterical lil’ gem from Taylor Ortega where she and a long lost brother connect for the first time as, very likely, the weirdest people in each other’s lives.

4. Take your very first gander at Tig Notaro‘s latest hour, Hello Again here, due out on Amazon Prime on Mar. 26th.

5. Extraordinary kind of lived up to its title in how much of a pleasant, out-of-nowhere, surprise it was (especially since The Boys seem to dominate the dark comedy, superhero satire genre) and, consequently, we’re looking forward to season 2 due out on Hulu next month on Mar. 6th. Get a taste of what’s to come with Extraordinary‘s season 2 trailer here.

6. Yes, a great way to honor the memory of Kenny DeForest is a comedy festival, which just so happens to be named Kenny DeForeFest. It’ll be held in Springfield, MO’s Blue Room Comedy Club. Get more details/tickets here.

7. If you happen to be in Santa Barbara on Feb. 22nd (THAT’S TOMORROW) and want Brian Regan tickets, get at us at ASAP.

8. We’ll leave you with this: What is a book about comedy you would want to read? Let us know at that same e-mail address in #7.