TCB Debriefing 12/8/23: Andy Iwancio, Dusty Slay, Naughty, SF Sketchfest

1. Sometimes, holiday gifts aren’t hiding in a tree or in a stocking or even deeply hidden behind only to be forgotten until a round of spring cleaning. Sometimes, a comedy album, one free of being a special first only to be released as an “album” so it could qualify for Grammy nominations, comes in around December only to dazzle and startle and make us, most importantly, laugh heartily. This year, that album comes from Andy Iwancio with Better Living Through Femmistry, a supremely delightful ride in being all flavors of sarcastic, ironic, subversive through a trans woman lens in 2023. There is even a certain raw quality to the recording that adds a cheeky punk rock layer to Iwancio’s whipsmart writing, steadfast delivery, and delightful openess.

Please enjoy and give a listen to Better Living Through Femmistry here.

2. Netflix subscribers will be “having a good time” when Dusty Slay‘s hour special Workin’ Man comes out Jan. 16th.

3. The writer of Cocaine Bear is teaming up with Olivia Wilde (don’t forget that Booksmart was a certified and critically acclaimed hit) to make a “Bridesmaids in the North Pole” called Naughty (Deadline). We’re assuming that some version of the tagline for this movie might be “You’re going to want to be on this naughty list.”

4. SF Sketchfest is almost a month away and, like a SF comedy advent calendar, they’ve got more treats to peep everyday leading up to it, especially this holiday season (including Puddles Pity Party and The Crossword Show with Zach Sherwin).

5. We’ll leave you with this: A polite reminder to audience members that it’s best to assume that comedians on stage can hear you talking during the show, no matter what you’re saying.