TCB Debriefing 12/7/23: Jacqueline Novak, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Joe Pera/Atsuko Okatsuka, Surrounded

1. Jacqueline Novak finally puts the frosting on the cake for her long running, critically acclaimed solo show, Get On Your Knees, the most hysterically poetic meditation on blowjobs, with it coming to Netflix as a special on Jan. 23rd.

2. The trailer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Donald Glover and Maya Erskine is here. If you’re Gen-Z, this isn’t your sibling’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith (with Brad and Angelina) and if you’re a Millennial, this isn’t your great grandparents’ Mr. & Mrs. Smith (from Hitchcock). Get ready for a dark, moody, and quietly sassy Mr. & Mrs. Smith on Amazon Prime on Feb. 2nd.

3. Joe Pera and Atsuko Okatsuka are both wonderful and both deserving of your time and money and have just added dates to their upcoming tours. Get tix now at or at

4. In case you didn’t know, Mike Falzone went VR with his hit in-the-round crowd work show, Surrounded and it went well enough that they got a second season coming at the end of the month. That gives you enough time to put a VR headset on your Christmas list.

5. We’ll leave you with this: We might still have free tix for Brett Goldstein on Sun. 12/10 in Pasadena. E-mail us at to find out.