TCB Debriefing 12/4/23: Ziwe/George Santos, Cole Escola, Central Park, Bill Burr

1. Ziwe might be interviewing freshly ousted U.S. Representative George Santos. This is further proof that Showtime/Paramount is wholly foolhardy and short-sighted (for the sake of profit margins) for cancelling an iconic show.

3. The brilliance of Cole Escola will not be denied. This “lost” pilot for “Our Home Out West” is equal parts pitch-perfect camp and sharply drawn absurdism in a charming dreamy version of a Western with Cole giving Eddie Murphy a run for his money in playing multiple characters. Please watch and enjoy “Our Home Out West” now and over and over.

3. Apple TV+ cancels the musical comedy series Central Park after three seasons (Deadline). So much for a Bob’s Burgers, Great North, Central Park mega crossover episode in the Loren Bouchard-iverse (is that a thing, yet?).

4. Bill Burr has just announced his 2024 dates and we have a feeling you better set several reminders if you want to get tickets at if you want to get tix on Wednesday.

5. We’ll leave you with this: Amazon is brazenly taunting your dependence on them as a corporation in the Fallout trailer. Shop accordingly (i.e. maybe not on Amazon) this holiday season.