TCB Debriefing 11/30/23: Moontower, Kimmel/Aidy Bryant, Leo Reich, Daily Wire Adult Animated Series

1. Moontower JFL Austin makes their first line-up announcement, so plan accordingly.

2. Jimmy Kimmel is, of course, hosting the Oscars again and Aidy Bryant, a little more surprisingly, is hosting the Spirit Awards next year. Kimmel will probably do another solid job and become this generation’s poster boy for The Oscars, but we hope that Aidy uses her husband Conner O’Malley in a bit, if not several for the Spirit Awards telecast.

3. Take a gander at Leo Reich‘s first special, Literally Who Cares? coming direct to HBO (then probably watched by you at Max). As far as Gen Z comedy specials go, Leo is who putting their money on.

4. Conservative entertainment brand The Daily Wire is trying their hand at an adult animated series with the likes of Adam Carolla and Candace Owens set for the voice cast (Deadline). Get ready to be upset?

5. We’ll leave you with this: Anyone’s Spotify Wrapped have a comedian as their top artist?