TCB Debriefing 10/24/23: Leslie Liao, Poog, Obituary, DCA Grants, Funny is Funny

1. It’s the year of Leslie Liao (and 2024 would probably be the same) as she just made her late night debut following getting JFL New Faces and being one of Netflix’s Verified Stand-Ups. Please enjoy her delightful splash on The Tonight Show last night.


2. Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak and their lovechild of a podcast, Poog, is going on tour and, for the sake of your own quality of life, you should plan your holidays around their North American road trip.

3. The Irish’s penchant for the darkest comedy possible is alive and well via what could well be an Irish cross between Dexter, Weeds, and Murder, She Wrote in Obituary. Take a gander for yourself at the trailer, then look for it on Hulu on Nov. 21st.

4. The DCA of LA is always giving out grants for artists, many of which could fall in the realm of comedy. Just check out this latest one for Neighborhood Expressions.

5. We’ll leave you with this: “Funny is funny” is a cop out opinion.