TCB Debriefing 10/16/23: American Fiction, James Hamilton Album, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, The Daily Show, Dana Snow

1. Jeffrey Wright has been doing amazing work in supporting roles from being James Bond’s American counterpart to a reliable scene stealer in Wes Anderson’s latest works. Wright is about to take center stage in what looks to be a formidable and hysterical satire called American Fiction from writer/director Cord Jefferson. Wright plays a down on his luck author that creates an “urban” nom de plume as a joke for a publishing industry that rewards stereotypes and ends up finding more success than he ever has. Maybe a 2023 comedy version of The Invisible Man? See for yourself in the first official trailer here. Then, watch closely for a December release in theaters.

2. NYC comedy darling James Hamilton has made one of THE observational comedy albums of 2023 with I Don’t Deserve These Deals. Oh, you thought that observational comedy was passé? Well, let the perfectly distilled minutia of Hamilton’s life delivered with such arresting cool assure you that comedically exploring “what’s the deal” with things is still alive and well in comedy and can be thorougly enjoyed by the most snobbish of comedy fans. Please get into I Don’t Deserve These Deals fresh off the presses at AST Records here.

3. Here’s the first, full length, full-anime/fighting game-effect look at Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (complete with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World voice cast). Mark up your calendars in neon and pastels for Fri. Nov. 17th when it drops exclusively on Netflix.

4. FYI, The Daily Show returns tonight at Comedy Central (yes, it’s still a channel whose content you will probably watch on YouTube the next day) with Michael Kosta leading off at the host desk.

5. We’ll leave you with this: R.I.P. Dana Snow, an LA comedy staple. who passed away this weekend. Service for Dana will be held at Tao Comedy Studio in Koreatown on Sun. 10/29. Details below.