TCB Debriefing 1/31/24-2/3/24: Sometimes I Think About Dying, The Onion, Friendship, Garrett Morris, Will Ferrell/Harper Steele, Larry David, River Butcher

1. If we were to tell you that there was a beautifully subdued dramedy about intrusive thoughts that isn’t a horror movie, you might wonder if we were just giving you the run around about a movie that couldn’t ever exist. Yet, Rachel Lambert’s Sometimes I Think About Dyingbased on Killers by Kevin Armento, emerges with a lush exploration into the interior life of someone who often fantasizes about dying, amazingly in a peaceful, serene way. Daisy Ridley gives a career redefining performance playing the most quiet character she has ever played amidst a marvelous ensemble of comedians and character actors, especially with rising comedy star/comedian Dave Meherje. The humor derived from the tiniest of minutia is something to marvel here and a testatment to Lambert’s vision as we can only imagine the sort of feat it would be to pitch a movie like this to get funding. Sometimes I Think About Dying very well could be a cinematic/comedic rally cry for hardcore introverts everywhere and, for that, it’s pretty magnificent.

2. Staffers at The Onion have reached a tentative deal with parent company G/O Media have reached a tentative agreement over increases in wages and workplace protections averting a strike (THR). Oh, just imagine the never-ending flurry of Onion-esque headlines that would be blasted at G/O Media if there was a strike.

3. Whenever the next batch of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson comes out isn’t soon enough, but at least there will be a feature length film where Tim Robinson plays a suburban dad, ostensibly a character from I Think You Should Leave, only to have his life turned upside down by a mysterious weather man played by Paul Rudd upends his whole life. Called Friendship, this will also be the writer/director feature length debut of the brilliant Andrew DeYoung (John Early and Kate Berlant’s 555) (Deadline).

4. All hail the trailblazing comedian and SNL star Garrett Morris and his recently minted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

5. The latest Will Ferrell movie, Will & Harper, will actually be a doc about Will going on a road trip with one of his best friends, Harper Steele, who recently transitioned (Variety). This might be the rare instance where you see Will actually be himself without bits (though we have no doubt that he’ll be pulling shenanigans throughout).

6. The one and only Larry David essentially does an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers AND gets bested by Seth. Please enjoy.

7. The amazing River Butcher is out on tour all the way through March! Go see him live at throughout the country and get tix now at

8. We’ll leave you with this: Hot take-9:30PM is not late.