Please Enjoy the DIY, Non-Certified Aerobics of Tammercise

You might have seen us list or post things about a thing called Tammercise. Tami and her entirely DIY, almost made out of a fever dream, Tammercise aerobics class is all entirely created by the brilliant Madeline Wager. She actually details the entire origin story here.

The class doubles as a way to get your heart rate going and a very funny, interactive solo show centered around a very, very lonely woman expressing her loneliness through made-up aerobics complete with bright, pastel colored spandex. All of this can be seen in this brand new retro style ad for Tammercise that Madeline just posted this week.

Back when we could gather regularly, Tammercise got to happen all around town and was set to go on tour. You absolutely should take part of Tammercise, even become a Tammerciser in person when that’s possible. In the meantime, you can join Tami in her journey of hanging on via her own workout program every Sunday at 11AM PT/2PM ET on Instagram Live at @tammercise and Facebook.