Pick of the Day: Tammercise Returns! (in LA) 5/1

Thanks to the wondrous mind and sheer blood, sweat, tears, and talent of one Madeline Wager, Tammercise was brought into this world to simultaneously give us a cathartic comedy show and a bit of a workout (if you wanted to opt into to non-professional aerobics).

Created years ago (or decades ago if you feel like the last two years have passed slower than dog years), Tammercise would be an actual aerobics “class” that had a hysterical solo show woven through it addressing the trials and tribulations of Tami’s personal life, relationships, family, and all. So, you’d get a workout both through laughing and moving your body in neon colored spandex (though you’d have to bring that yourself).

Thank goodness that Tammercise is returning finally this coming Sunday at 11AM PT in Glendale’s Verdugo Park. You can join in at any level that you want for $5 suggested donation (and we highly suggest that you make sure get this in before Sunday brunch this weekend). Get more details @tammercise on IG.