Talkies (in LA) 5/19

Once upon a time one of San Francisco’s best secret spots for comedy was the basement for Lost Weekend Video. Cynic Cave would be a weekly standing appointment for great indie, underground comedy, not to mention the irresistible kitsch of going back in time to renting physical media to watch movies/TV shows.

Sadly, Lost Weekend Video and its comedy filled basement are no more, but the spirit might just have found a new spark in the newly forged VHS only store, Whammy Analog Media, in Echo Park and shows like SF’s super-fun-quirky-stand-up-short-film variety show Talkies with Aviva Siegel, George Chen, and Nick Stargu. Truly, Whammy Analog Media is the closest thing you’ll have to actually traveling back in time to the 90s and, almost for that alone, you should check their shows out (though they’ve had and will have a bunch of very cool, offbeat events).

This new, LA version of Talkies will have its Whammy Analog Media on Thurs. May 19th at 8PM PT w/a grand LA line-up of Frankie Quinones, Anna Seregina, Andy Rider, Chaki, and a short film from Sara June.

Tickets are available now for a sliding scale of $5-$20 and you ought to snag them up quick (space is limited).