SYFY’s Magical Girl Friendship Squad Has Quite the Cast

(via Deadline)

Before we even get into the series’ premise, for something that was part of a late night animation block on SYFY that’s now getting upgraded into its own short-form series, it has a pretty stacked cast:

The series leads are Quinta Brunson and Anna Akana along with regulars Ana Gasteyer and Matteo Lane.

Recurring characters will be voiced by Christine Baranski, Manny Jacinto, Helen Hong, Eric Bauza, and Sarah Squirm/Sherman.

Guest voice stars will include Jason Mantzoukas, Paget Brewster, Vella Lovell, Jamie Loftus, and Patti Harrison.

Multiple characters will be voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon), Taylor Ortega (Kim Possible) and Daisy Hobbs ( Broadway’s Aladdin)

Pretty swell for a show that only has six 15 minutes episodes ordered, right?

With such a cast, we’re very, very intrigued to seem them in an anime comedy that has “two young women, Alex (Brunson) and Daisy (Akana), who are destined to save the Universe…as soon as they figure out how to pay their rent.”

This could raise the profile of SYFY and their late night Adult-Swim-ish animation block TZGZ where Kelsey Stephanides’ Magical Girl Friendship Squad got its start. It also could further SYFY’s reach into comedy, an area they’ve been seemingly flirting on and off with over the years whether it be with the sci-fi/pop culture series Reactor or the genre bending Happy starring a deranged Christopher Meloni.

We have no doubt that animation will be a big part of new (and old) shows and content that gets made while this pandemic continues on and, as such, we like seeing things like Magical Girl Friendship Squad be part of SYFY’s programming slate.