New Proposed Stimulus Bill Would Give $15 Billion to Movie Theaters and Live Venues

(via Variety)

The fate of movie theaters and live entertainment very much still uncertain in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. When and how to go about reopening is guess work even though the vast majority of venues have been dark for most of 2020. Relief or even the promise of relief has been hard to come by, especially knowing that live entertainment will be one of the last things to come back once things start to legitimately reopen after a vaccine has been distributed. Comedy clubs/theaters/venues have been feeling the bleakness of the situation since packing in people into dark rooms is one of the best ways to accelerate the transmission of COVID-19.

The Senate continues to debate the finer points of a new, much needed and very, very much overdue stimulus bill that is currently totaling over $900 billion, $15 billion of which will be earmarked for movie theaters and live venues. As to whether that’ll pass or if that will even be enough, we unfortunately will have to wait and see (though, again, relief was needed months ago for everyone). A very probable, tiered, long reopening process will keep many live venues struggling for awhile even after a vaccine arrives.

For now, if there’s a way to support your favorite local live venue or movie theater virtually or otherwise, please support them if you can.