The Comedy Bureau Field Report Ep. 24: Steve Hernandez & Calculated Risks

Before lockdown, one of LA’s best comedy shows, sometimes described as one of the best indie comedy shows in the entire country happened on Sunday Nights at The Chatterbox in Covina. Steve Hernandez not only built the show from the ground up over several years, but has also grown his own personal podcast empire in co-hosting Views From the Vista, The Male Gaze, and Who’s Your God? (as well as an upcoming fourth podcast that he reveals on the pod). Steve zooms with TCB’s Jake Kroeger to talk on how Steve meticulously has adjusted and planned for the survival of all those things and what may or may not come for live comedy in LA in the coming months and years. Also, there’s some “hot” takes on SNL promoting Ego Nwodim to repertory player and Ellen DeGeneres setting a return date for her show and promising that “we’re gonna talk about it.”

In the midst of all of that, Jake gets into his hang-ups with the new Charlie Kaufman movie I’m Thinking of Ending Things even though he hasn’t seen it yet.

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Shout outs: Maria Bamford’s You Are (a Comedy) Special, Ted Alexandro’s CUT/UP

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Produced by Jake Kroeger
Music by Brian Granillo
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