Enjoy Trailer for “Showing Up” a More Delicate Comedy About the Art World

When it comes to the art world getting sent up in comedy, Ruben Östlund’s fearsome satire The Square that won the Palme D’or at Cannes in 2017 is what comes to mind.

Beloved American indie writer/director Kelly Reichardt and A24 are offering up a more nuanced, more delicate humorous look into the art world (and how unnecessarily competitive it can be) with her latest work, Showing Up. Michelle Williams and Hong Chau (having a banner year between The Menu and The Whale) having a simmering rivalry as up and coming artists as well as, it would seem, neighbors. As such, the jokes will seem to be playing a lot with negative space, which we do have a penchant for.

Take a look for yourself with the first official trailer for Showing Up here.