SF Sketchfest Launches “Live from the Archive” to Release Exclusive SF Sketchfest Performances

SF Sketchfest is in the top, top echelon of comedy festivals around the world with it’s wide, wide variety of comedy and it pretty much spanning three weeks in San Francisco. Thankfully, it usually is in the very beginning of the year and will probably(?) not get postponed like so many comedy festivals that are happening well before it.

In the meantime, SF Sketchfest has stepped up to the plate to provide some exclusive content in the on-going effort to keep all of us staying at home from going entirely insane. They just announced this week that they will be releasing videos of singular performances, often never-before-seen, that happened at SF Sketchfest in years past.

This will include:
Best in Show reunion
George Wallace and Patton Oswalt in conversation
Roast of Peaches Christ
and much more to be announced (seriously, some once-in-a-lifetime stuff happens at SF Sketchfest and you might have a chance to actually see it now)

You’ll be able to digitally rent these performances for $5 for 48 hours. Proceeds will keep SF Sketchfest going strong as charities supporting comedy and the arts in the Bay Area.

Get in on all of SF Sketchfest: Live From the Archive here.