See the Full Extent of Cole Escola’s Stalker/Captor in Season 4 of Search Party

Just a week and a change from now, we’ll get another season of the hit thriller/dramedy Search Party and embark on a search for Dory who entangled everyone into searching in the first place.

Part of the reason that Dory is the subject of the search for this new season is that (we’d say SPOILER here, but watching the trailer for this season will also somewhat spoil the last three seasons, so there you go) she has been kidnapped by a deranged stalker played by the brilliant Cole Escola. This full season 4 trailer reveals a bit of how much Dory is in trouble (and maybe getting her comeuppance?)

We’re really looking forward to a few more of hours of lockdown being spent with Elliott, Drew, Portia, and Dory starting on Jan. 14th at HBO Max.