Go Get Sara Schaefer’s Grand: A Memoir

We love Sara Schaefer and her comedy for so many reasons over so many years. The attention to detail and the overall artisanship she puts into all of her comedy has been an absolute to delight to revel in whenever we have gotten to see or hear it. As such, she’s Emmy nominated for her writing. Also, her Hobby Lobby story on her last album Live Laugh Love is one of the best, most thoughtful stories we’ve heard in stand-up in recent memory.

Schaefer’s latest work is a cleverly wrought memoir, Grand: A Memoir. It follows Schaefer’s journey going rafting on a vacation with her sister through the Grand Canyon as someone who is both afraid of whitewater rafting and reflects on a life-altering family scandal throughout holding on for dear life on a turbulent raft. The way that Sara weaves own internal dilemmas and psyche through narrative is quite beautiful and makes Grand really stand out from most comedian memoirs.

 Grand: A Memoir is out today, fresh off the presses from Simon & Schuster and you can (and should) go get it here.