R.I.P. Sara Mostajabi, 1985-2022

The recent passing of Louie Anderson, Bob Saget, and Gilbert Gottfried are the final milestones of storied careers in comedy. There’s a massive library of each of their work available for you to explore and celebrate the memory of what they brought the world with their comedic artistry.

However, there are many comedians that are taken away from us before any of us even come close to knowing what they could have done.

Unfortunately, one, Sara Mostajabi, will be the latest addition to that group. For what must have been dozens and dozens of times we saw her live, we really enjoyed her penchant for some of the darkest humor and unflinching presence on stage when delivering it at stages all around LA including The Comedy Store. According to her obituary, she was the first woman to work the door at The Comedy Store, which has been one of the few clearer paths to becoming a paid regular at one of the world’s most revered comedy stages. We sincerely hope, with all of that in mind, that you got to catch her somewhere while she was around.

There are YouTube clips that where you can see the potential, but more importantly, remember her fondly for the time that she gave us when she took the mic.

Mostajabi passed away over a week ago on April 6th, 2022 and services were held this past week.

Rest in peace and power, Sara.