The Santa Cruz Comedy Festival Will Still Be Happening This Year (as a Drive-In)

For six years, Santa Cruz has been treated to their very own comedy festival thanks to its local comedy club, DNA’s Comedy Lab.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which it feels almost necessary to reiterate that it’s still very much happening and there’s still very much not a vaccine, has kept most comedy clubs closed and made nearly all comedy festival cancel or postpone their dates or go for a virtual edition. Drive-in comedy shows have also been an option that have arisen in this time, though mainly only taken on by acts that were big enough of a draw to support a nationwide tour of big theaters.

DNA’s Comedy Lab is breaking new ground by doing their 7th Annual Santa Cruz Comedy Festival completely as a drive-in next month, Sat. Oct. 3rd-Sun. Oct. 4th. They’ll be staging at in the parking lot of Saturn Cafe/Walgreens at 201 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA. For a handful shows over these two nights, they’ve got a damn good line-up with Laurie Kilmartin, Kevin Camia, Merrill Davis, Dave Ross, Jason Burke, Alexandria Love, and Butch Escobar.

If you’re up for venturing up to Santa Cruz, you might want to catch this drive-in comedy festival, perhaps one of the first of its kind in just a couple of weeks.

Tickets are $60 per car, $10 of which go to benefit the Ben Lomond Volunteer Fire Department. Go snag your tickets here.