The Comedy Bureau Field Report Ep. 141: Sammy Mowrey & The Non Binary Side of the Comedy

While older, stodgier comedians (some of whom just came out with a Netflix special this week) will get hung up on pronouns, there is an ever burgeoning crowd of Non-binary comedians that eschew the gender binary and, consequently, have the best jokes about using they/them. Sammy Mowrey is a bright and shining example of this as they have carved out their place in LA comedy between a handful of their own shows and their acutely, hilarious observed world view when it comes to being Non-binary, Bipolar, and wanting to have their own sitcom (multi-cam or single-cam). We talk with Sammy about how exactly it is to be Non-binary in comedy in 2022 and what might lie in the future for them.

Also, “hot” takes on Caroline’s on Broadway closing and The Daily Show’s upcoming stable of fill-in hosts.

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Produced by Jake Kroeger
Music by Brian Granillo
Artwork by Andrew Delman and KT
Photo by John Michael Bond