Pick of the Day: Big Titty Boyfriend: A Comedy Show and Fundraiser! (in LA) 6/9

The importance of top surgery for trans/non-binary folks cannot be overstated. At the same time, it’s still far from an accessible procedure for many, which is why there are very special benefit shows to fund that very thing.

The wondrous, sharp-witted Sammy Mowrey is indeed committing to getting top surgery and throwing their own stacked (ironically, we guess) comedy show fundraiser (that will also be raising money for Sammy’s friend as part of her own transition). The marvelously named show “Sammy Mowrey Is Your Big Titty Boyfriend” will feature many of LA’s very best trans/non-binary comedians including Nori Reed, Roz Hernandez, Hayden Johnson, Ever Mainard, and Jake Noll to name a few.

Sammy Mowrey Is Your Big Titty Boyfriend is set for Fri. Jun. 6th at 8PM at Permanent Records Roadhouse, one of LA’s new Eastside comedy hot spots (and where Sammy does their routinely terrific show, Permanent Vacation). Tickets are available at the nice price of a $10 suggested donation and you really ought to go get them here