Pick of the Day: R. U. Afraid of the 90’s? (near LA) 10/21

If you’re already trying to make plans to keep all of October spooky, know that there’s plenty of comedy that can (and very much should fill your schedule). It’ll range from anything where comedians will dress up from comedians of yesteryear to scary storytelling to revisiting the sort of nostalgia that gives you the thing that was the cornerstone of R.L. Stine’s legacy, goosebumps.

On Friday, October 21st at 8:30PM, Teresa Lee will actually lead such a creepy journey back to the cringiest things from over 20 years ago with many of LA’s funniest folks at a new LA venue that’s both literally and figuratively “out there”, Altadena’s Public Displays of Altadena.

So far, Alex Song-Xia, Brodie Reed, Bri Pruett, Budd Diaz, Charles Gould, Danielle Perez, Dana Donnelly, Eli Olsberg, Kat Toledo, Liz Magee, Madison Shepard, and Will Weldon dare to be on this bill.

It ought to be a collective night of spooking yourself over how you might have possibly convinced that JNCO jeans were ever a good idea.

Also, if you show up in costume, you’ll get a free drink, and there might just be a 90s dance party following the show.

All of this show will only run you $10 per ticket. So go get ’em here.